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Roger Lodge Hated by Angel Fan Faithful

Tuesday's Angels game against the Yankees was going fine until AM DJ Rodger Lodge showed up in the Fox Sports West announcing booth to hawk a casino gambling promotion. Sure it was for golf, but all casino promotions are inherently gambling promotions, and all hawkers of these promotions are shills.

Rodger Lodge, a shill, rambled on and on about dating John Stamos while fans were left doubly suffering his pomposity as Angels pitcher Ervin Santana struggled to regain the movement that makes his fastball such a difficult pitch to hit.

Whiny-voiced and self-impressed, Lodge was in promo-mode and besides the Angels chances suffering during his painful inning, so too did the wounded ears of the television viewing audience, still bleeding a bit from a season of the unctuous Steve Physioc.

Worst inning of the year, worst casino of the year (take them away) and single worst-ever promo if the goal was attracting future listeners, worst brown-nosing on my part for not worshiping the non-witticisms of the Angels' apparent franchise radio personality - but if you don't believe me, read our game thread and note the 100% unanimously infuriated response against this caustic "personality" appearing during an important game and chuckling his conceit our way.