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Angels History: Where Were You?

The Angels now have a nice legacy of division titles and postseason appearances with some highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies. The way it looks today, the years ahead should be bringing us at least a few more of these moments. So before we have too many titles for each one to have mattered, it is time for us to have a place where we discuss where each of us was and what we were doing when the great Angels accomplishments occurred.

Tell us your connection to these games...

Were you there to see them live? Did you watch them on television, or find out the next day at school? Did you share the ecstasy of triumph that night with someone who has since passed on? Was it something that mattered more because of where your life was at that moment? Baseball allows us to remember, and we are all friends here, so tell us, what were you doing and where were you when:

  1. Tuesday, 9/25/79: Kansas City Royals @ Anaheim Stadium, Night Game, Angels Win 4-1
  2. Saturday, 10/02/82: Texas Rangers @ Anaheim Stadium, Day Game, Angels Win 6-4
  3. Friday, 9/26/86: Texas Rangers @ Anaheim Stadium, Night Game, Angels Win 8-3
  4. Thursday, 9/26/02: Texas Rangers @ The Ballpark in Arlington, Day Game, Angels Win 10-5
  5. Saturday, 10/02/04: Oakland Athletics @ Network Associates Coliseum, Day Game, Angels Win 5-4
  6. Tuesday, 9/27/05: Oakland Athletics @ Network Associates Coliseum, Night Game, Angels Win 4-3
  7. Sunday, 9/23/07: Seattle Mariners @ Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Day Game, Angels Win 7-4
  8. Wednesday, 9/10/08: New York Yankees @ Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Day Game, Angels Win 4-2

I will go first...

1979: Saw the game on ONTV at home in the house I grew up in. I was 15.
1982: Missed the game, I was away in the midwest in college.
1986: Heard the game on the radio, living alone, did not have a TV.
2002: Saw the game on TV at a bar with Wayne (yeswecan) at the loft-complex we both lived at back then.
2004: Saw the game on TV at my girlfriend's place in the loft-complex.
2005: Was at the game with my gal live in Oakland. High-Fived Arte Moreno as he got up to go on the field to greet the players. Met the team at the hotel bar that night.
2007: Was at the game w/ my gal in Anaheim.
2008: Saw the game on TV with my girlfriend at our house, posting along with everyone on Halos Heaven!

And where were you? There is no wrong answer as you re-live a wistful memory...