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Angels Magic Number Stalled at 4

Final Score in Anaheim: Oakland Athletics 3, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 0

Angels pitcher Jered Weaver pitched great but the Halo bats took the night off.

Bobby Abreu struck out 3 times, going 0 for 4 and left 2 runners on base.

The Angels had 5 hits in the game.

Jeff Mathis was in the game for his defense so sure enough, he made a throwing error that brought in the 3rd run of the evening.

After a day off, Angels telecaster Mark Gubicza noted that missing a game might have thrown off the Angels' timing. For the past three weeks he had been lamenting the Angels dull play as a result of their not having any days-off. Nice of Gubi to change it up behind the mic. Too bad for FSN-West that most Angels fans have an i.q. beyond that of the average 9-year-old.

Too bad for Mike Scioscia too, as his attempt to hide something wrong with Mike Napoli by starting Jeff Mathis is as minimal as the framed Barnett Newman lithograph (Vir Heroicus Sublimis) hanging in the apartment the two catchers share. Something is far from heroic and sublime behind the Anaheim plate. Most Angel fans blood pressure is up to record levels as the 3-0 score tonight rings like a coming ALDS result, but in games, not runs...