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Questions Loom For Shriveling Angels

The boat is rocking as it finally makes it to the next to last off-day of the season. The Angels have a day of rest before hitting Kansas City for four games. For fans, it is a day of questions as a 6 game division lead was reduced to 3.5 games in less than 48 hours of an absent offense and resilient Rangers effort against the Blue Jays.

Here are fifteen questions:

  1. Does Mike Napoli's defense suffer because of so much rest or is actually only this capable and in need of rest to stay his half-limber self?
  2. Has Chone Figgins lost a step in stealing as evidenced by his terrible CS numbers this year (a league leading 15) and slow mo replays showing him running with his eyes on the catcher instead of toward 2nd Base?
  3. How many stadium promotions (not to mention FSN West advertisers) are going unheard by the legion of Angels fans who mute Steve Physioc?
  4. Think about exhaustion as a person ages ... do you REALLY believe that Bobby Abreu is only 35?
  5. How many games behind Texas will the Angels have to be to ditch the luxury of batting Kendry Morales 6th?
  6. Is the Howie Kendrick / Maicer Izturis platoon arbitrary, and isi it even working anymore?
  7. Will Brandon Wood start in more or less than 6 games the rest of the way?
  8. Is Joe Saunders still on a cortisone cloud or is he healed for the stretch?
  9. Can John Lackey beat Zack Greinke Saturday?
  10. Can you believe that Tuesday night at the Big A is Scott Kazmir Vs. Felix Hernandez again?
  11. Will Bad Weaver show up soon or can Jered Weaver just blame some recent sloppy outings on Delilah and dead arm?
  12. Considering his golf shots, does Vladimir Guerrero have a chance at PGA membership in the offseason?
  13. Jepsen or Fuentes?
  14. Would one Matt Palmer start somewhere next week help rest the starters' arms or is a regular rhythm down the stretch what they need?
  15. If Mike Scioscia is going with it, is that good enough for you?