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Halos Heaven Is Growing


I was over at this morning, reading their comments about Rev Halofan's video (not pretty), when I came across a comment from one of their users (he may be one of their moderators, but I don't know for sure) who goes by the name "blarg".  His comment:

"This thread gave Halos Heaven over 3,200 views. I doubt they get that much attention on their own site per day." 

I don't know if he was being serious or not, but it did get me wondering.

Was it true?

Both Rev and I have mentioned before that Halos Heaven uses an independent site meter that counts the number of visitors and page views (it's the little rainbow colored box at the bottom of the page), so it was pretty easy to see if "blarg" was right with his comment.  Please note, visitors are counted once per day.  If you're like me and come to this site 10 to 15 a day, those visits only count once in each 24 hour period in the daily visitor tally.

Here's the number of visits from referring sites:


According to this, angelswin sent us 15 visitors in the last 24 hours.  Maybe "blarg" was referring to page views.  Page views are the number of different pages a visitor goes to during their stay at Halos Heaven.


Looks like those 15 angelswin visitors looked around a little bit while they were here, but "blarg" was off by about 3173 views.  I'm not trying to slam "blarg", just curious if his numbers were right.

Anyway, while looking through the number for Halos Heaven I noticed a nice trend:


A nice upward trend.  The number of UNIQUE visits to Halos Heaven has almost doubled over the course of this season with a little over 60,000 visitors in March to almost 120,000 visitors in July.  I'll admit, the slight drop-off in August is discouraging, but the numbers for August were still very strong.

Here's the page view numbers:


Page view numbers are kind of hard to see graphically since combines them with visitors, but if you look at the raw numbers the average visitor views 2.6 pages per visit.

Finally, here's a summary of Halos Heaven's traffic:


Over 25,000 unique visitors a week and almost 10,000 page views per day.  Hard to argue with those numbers.  And thanks to the best Angels fans, Halos Heaven is the #1 Angels site on the internet...and growing.

(Update: After posting this article, I nosed around a little more trying to find where "blarg" got his number.  The post about Rev's video has had over 3200 views on angelswin.  This is probably what "blarg" was referring to when he wrote the thread gave Halos Heaven 3200 views.)