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Erick Aybar Triples twice; Angels win again

Final Score: Angels 7, Kansas City 2

The Angels finally found a way to get some runs going when their starting pitcher, Joe Saunders, throws another great game. Saunders got into a bit of trouble in the 6th, but Jason Bulger comes in and takes care of a bases loaded jam (OK, he might've contributed to that due to an error, but the point is it got taken care of). And of course, converting 4 double plays is also nice too.

On top of that, offensively, Erick Aybar was able to TRIPLE not once, but twice in the game!

With this win, the Angels have taken all 9 games so far against the Royals this season. As well as cushioning the AL West lead to 5.5!

Tomorrow's game is also an 11:10 AM start time!