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Ervin Santana and Angels Doomed by 3 Errors in Kansas City

Final Score in Kansas City: Angels 3, Royals 6

The Angels awoke in Kansas City Labor Day morning with the chance to do what only two teams visiting that city since 1969 have ever done: take every single home and away game from the Royals. The Orioles did it in 1970 and the Yankees did it in 1998. But the ball bounced a funny way a few times early and a belabored Ervin Santana saw some bad luck push those balls inches away from perfection. The end result was a deficit to the Royals that for once this season could not be overcome and the Angels finished 9-1 against Barbecue Blue this season. They went 4-3 on this 7-Game road trip and are looking, quite frankly, exhausted. The tiredness has finally slipped to the heretofore stellar gloves just when the bats are consistently dozing and the pitching staff needs the quicker innings that only fine leather can induce.

High up on Monday's Sheet list are Maicer Izturis who was as unclutch as a player can be with 2 GIDPs - each with Figgins on base. Of course, why was tired little Mice Man playing today? And why was Chone Figgins not running on some of those pitches? Figgy has looked tentative to terrified on First base this seas, already in contract paranoia of being picked off first base with other teams' front office personnel watching. The result has been a tippy toes approach to secondary leads and today it cost the Angels plenty.

Meanwhile Bobby Abreu is looking like a birth certificate from World War 1, making a costly error in the outfield on a routine play called "Don't let the ball dribble past your glove while you are charging in." Grampa Bobby has shown patience at the plate, but perhaps it is because he is napping and only comes alive when their are not kids on the bases distracting him from hitting an easy 1-Run homer late in games when the Angels are so down that opposing pitchers toss AARP discounts his way.

The foggy, dazed and dull Halos travel home to face Felix Hernandez tomorrow night, like a bad dream or a pathetic sequel to last Wednesday's Seattle buttkick.