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Our Angels Community Exists for More Than Itself

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I am auctioning off a huge chunk of my Angels memorabilia collection to raise money for the Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund. There are three auctions, each ending Wednesday, September 16.

Angels Shirts, Caps and Bobbleheads

Angels Baseball Cards, Books, Magazines and more

Angels Recent and Vintage Jersey Collection

This has been a summer-long project of cleaning out the garage and finding everything. Some of this stuff I have carted around for over 30-years. So here is the litany: We have a great community here at Halos Heaven and we can spend our time bragging and getting people to sing our praises about being Number One OR we can spend our time taking positive action. Actions speak louder than words. As a community, let's come together to put tangible money into the Jon Wilhite Recovery Fund.

What can you do? You can bid on these items. You can make sure that every Angels fan that you personally know KNOWS about these three auctions. And you can consider sending a donation yourself (LINK: John Wilhite Recovery Fund info). The destiny of every Angels fan will be to meet Gene Autry in the sky. Doing something good now will give you something to tell the Cowboy and make him smile and ask your name (if you are a cynic, your post-fairy-tale puking may now commence).

If you are visiting Halos Heaven from another online community, perhaps you can go back there and ask if the glory that is created there might be re-directed toward helping others. You can join me in my garage now for a sneak preview...