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Erick Aybar Walk Off Single Beats M's in Extras

Final Score in Anaheim: Los Angeles Angels 3, Seattle Mariners 2

After closer Brian Fuentes choked up a beautiful pitching performance by Scott Kazmir, the Angels bats finally awoke in the bottom of the 10th. Matt Palmer was the pitcher of record and got his 10th win of the season. The Angels were almost 0 for 10 with Runners in scoring position when Erick Aybar singled home Bobby Abreu, who had led off the 10th inning with his 10th extra inning hit in the past 10 somethings. It was Aybar's 52nd RBI of the season, 2 more than Mike Napoli has all year.

Kaz was denied his first Angels victory after pitching brilliantly, allowing only 1 run, a solo homer to the 2nd batter of the game. After 7 innings of 3-hit ball, Kevin Jepsen had a quick 8th inning, but the Fuentesaurus looked absolutely lost, yielding a monster blast to Center Field to Mike Sweeney and then walking two of the next three batters. Scioscia came and got him and Jason Bulger put out the fire, and as sweet as it was for Palmer, Kaz showed off something special to Angels fans.

Bibby Abreu scored the wining run and was at the plate to drive in the other 2, one on a bases-loaded sacrifice fly and the other on an error by Seattle Shortstop Jack Wilson.

But don't get the impression that there was a lot of Wood in this game. It was yet another night of dominated Angels bats, understandable of late with 3 of the past 6 games has been 2 servings of Queen Felix and 1 of Zach Greinke, but at some point, Maicer Izturis and Vlad Guerrero really should take a pitch with men on base. Chone Figgins made a routing error and could really, really use a day off, although he walked twice on a hitless night. The Rangers swept a doubleheader in Cleveland and trail the Angels by 4.5 games.

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