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Vladimir Guerrero in Angels History

Facts are Facts. Vladimir Guerrero is one of the greatest players to ever wear a Halo.

Rumors had abounded that Vlad would sign with the Texas Rangers and PhiSlamma finally broke the news here in THIS POST.

Here is where he stands in franchise history:

One of 6 Angels to make four All-Star squads.

Vlad's 846 games played are 12 more than Rod Carew and 19 more than Troy Glaus.

His 544 Runs scored was 21 more than Glaus and 24 more than Chili Davis.

Chone Figgins had 460 more plate appearances in his Angel career and had only 11 more hits.

For players with 1500 or more Plate Appearances as an Angel, Vlad is #1 in many categories, including:

  • Batting Average: .319
  • Slugging % of .546
  • OPS of .927 (On-Base % + Slugging %)
  • Adjusted OPS+: 141

He ranks 3rd all time in franchise history in On Base Percentage with a .381 mark.

I don't care if he goes into the Hall of Fame with a Dominican WBC cap, Vlad will always be an Angel to me.