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Jeff Biggs Interviews Darin Erstad

Jeff Biggs got a chance to interview Angels legend Darin Erstad on his THE DRIVE show on AM 830 Tuesday Afternoon. Erstad was promoting The Cannery Restaurant's Hot Stove Charity Event. He lives in SoCal in the offseason and trains with Kennedy and Lackey pre-Spring training at UC Irvine.

The Angel great had some thoughts on steroid users and the stringent testing that major league baseball undertakes on players. He goes into a long soliloquy on being angry at himself most for not living up to his own expectations and much more in Part One...

Darin Erstad Interview Part 1

In Part Two he discussed the frustration of not stepping on the filed for two separate six-week stretches in Houston last season. His career may be over and he sounds at peace with it. He also has some fond words for Rory Markus, with whom he is eternally entwined as the greatest call in team history came from Markus about Erstad.

Lots more... Darin Erstad Interview Part 2 (listen for the dig at Arizona - and Arte - from the Nebraska alum)