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Mark Whicker A Big Fan of MLBTraderumors

I've noticed a disturbing trend with our friend Mark Whicker from the OC Register.  Over the past few weeks, he's been posting "breaking" stories on the OC Register blog regarding news items concerning current or past Angel players or news he thinks his readers would find informative.  The interesting thing is, the stories have previously been reported on MLBTraderumors and it appears Whicker is passing off these stories as his own.  Each of his posts typically appear shortly after being posted on Tim Dierkes' site, and always use the same references and links.  This wouldn't be so bad, we sometimes get stories from MLBTraderumors, but the difference is we reference and link MLBTraderumors giving them credit for finding the story.  Whicker fails to even mention the site.

I suppose it's possible Whicker sits in front of his computer, monitoring all 30 MLB clubs looking for relevant news for his readers.  Yet, it is more likely Whicker has still failed to understand "internet etiquette" in providing links to your sources, but more importantly, Whicker is publishing others' hard work as his own.

(Note: any links to Whicker's column intentionally omitted)