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Is Nolan Ryan Top Angels Traitor?

It was bad enough that Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan wears a Texas Rangers cap in his Cooperstown plaque despite a plurality of his pitching achievements occurring when he was a member of the Angels. It was made worse when he became a front office force in the Rangers organization. But now Nolan Ryan is the OWNER of the Rangers.

Is this the season for traitors? The Vatican might be on its 16th Benedict in 1,700 years, but Anaheim has its 2nd traitor in six weeks. First John Lackey, an Angels franchise great, signs with the Red Sox... the most hated post-season rival in the history of the Angels, and Lackey signs with Bahstin after actively pursuing them to pledge his interest in playing for them. But now Nolan Ryan has become the owner of a division rival. What is next, Billy Beane pulls off his mask to reveal that he is really Chuck Finley?

Other than Don Baylor's contributions to the 1986 Red Sox ALCS hammering of the Angels, it is hard to offer a candidate to compete with Lackey and Ryan actively turning on the Angels franchise. Save your rational lectures about the real world dollars and sense. Fans follow the sport to enjoy a sense of honor, character and loyalty and when the opposite is displayed, we get to swing at those who have snubbed us and our team