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Angels Manager Mike Scioscia Speaks

Angels skipper Mike Scioscia spent some time talking with The Drive's Jeff Biggs on AM830 about the Angels starting pitching depth, the Gary Matthews Jr. trade, Scot Shields' health, and the potential opening day roster.

Scioacia also mentions the Angels plans for the top of their line-up, "Some guys are just going to flat out hit enough to get on base and get in scoring position, and I think a young player like Erick Aybar probably has some growth in that area that'll make him a better candidate as his career moves on to hit in front of the middle of the line-up, meaning first or second. That doesn't mean he's not ready for that challenge right now." Scioscia added they plan on batting Bobby Abreu second, "He's going to feed the middle of the line-up as well as anyone in baseball."

Scioscia AM830 Interview Part 1

Scioscia AM830 Interview Part 2

Thanks again to Jason Brennan for providing these audio files!