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Meet A Blogger: Halo Space

This "Meet A Blogger" is different that the previous three.  I had sent an email to Jose Enciso about interviewing him about his blog, but then completely forgot all about it.  Most of you probably don't know who Jose is, but I'm sure you've seen him.  He was the guy holding the "Go for 400" sign just behind the Angels dugout after Vladimir Guerrero hit his 400th career home run (that's him in the photo to the right).  Anyway, Jose didn't forget about the interview and sent along the following.  The words after the jump are all his...

Our Story begins....

  Do you ever ask yourself, do Angels exist? Do miracles happen? or Can dreams come true? I am here to tell you, from personal experience...yes...yes... and YES! This past year  I have learned that ONE person alone can make a difference and discover for themselves that ALL of the above is true..

  This past season you may have noticed how just one fan (me :-P) can really make things happen... and I'm not the only one. YOU can do it too! I took over Halo Space Myspace as just a regular fan. I then progressed from just a regular fan writing blogs, posting bulletins, posting pictures of Angels fans and running Halo Space to (all of a sudden!) having a page with thousands of Angels fans. After I started  running the page, I decided I needed to quit just sitting around cheering at the T.V. (not that there's anything wrong with that :-P)  but I needed to get out there and make a difference. A difference that could maybe have a good effect on the team (or at least my favorite player Vladimir Guerrero at the time :-P) 

 So I got off my butt and started going out into the stadium and showing ACTION. I would go to the game with my sign and even write signs in between innings or while the other team (***BOOO!!**** ) was up .I started off as just a fan and now everywhere I go people know who I am and even (blush) ask me  to take pictures with them! The BEST part is when Little kids recognize me and pull me aside and actually remember me holding up my Vladimir Guerrero- "Go For 400 Vladdy" sign. Some people have even asked me for my AUTOGRAPH! and to top it off ..even Vladdy knows who I am!

 This year I really learned that I could make my dreams come true and so can you! You all might have saw how I made little shit happen with just appearing on camera and some of you saw HOW I made it  happen.

 It mostly started on Opening day. My friend Bryan Powers got killed in the stairwell over off right field just getting a beer and from that  moment on I knew that for him... for his life.... I had to make a difference. He was a TRUE Angels fan and every game I thought about him. After Bryan had lost his life friends and strangers came together. We had a car wash to raise money for his family and the young daughter he had tragically left behind. At that carwash I saw friends from years past and made new ones as well.... Friends for life... brothers and sisters for life. That is how it should be. This brought on a whole new wave of events and connections. After Nick had died people came together with candlelight vigils... Strangers in life yet brothers and sisters through baseball... we came together. If something happens to one of us we should be there for that person and that person's family because we ARE family. A FAMILY of Angel Fans.

 Fast forward to the day I TRUELY started to believe in Angels in the outfield. The day where I started to believe that miracles could come true. The day that I found out that dreams COULD come true... It was Vladdy's 400th homerun coming up and right before Vlad went up to bat  he was on deck. He happened to turn around and saw me holding a sign that read "Go For 400 Vladdy!" He saw it and smiled. And when he swung that bat I saw that it was hit right by that right field foul line and I thought of Bryan and Nick and felt their  presence. As that ball went flying through the air and was curving  towards the foul pole, their presence grew stronger, almost as if the wind had become a whisper in my ear from them, telling me not to worry and all would be ok..At that split second i could feel Nick Adenhart and Bryan Powers and KNEW we had Angels in outfield... And with a state of calmness I knew that they were gonna keep that ball fair and that i should  enjoy that moment and know that everything is going to be ok.... I knew he and Nick were there...

 As Vlad rounded the bases I was waiving my sign and as I looked up... time stood still for a moment, as he pointed at me and smiled while getting high fives in the dugout by team mates... I knew that he had seen my sign and in some small way it had let him know that I had faith... Maybe it gave him that extra incentive to hit that homer... maybe not... but I like to BELIEVE so... I like to believe I helped at least a little in contributing to his dream.... and little did I know at the time... but mine ,as well...and at that moment my life changed... I was now Mr. 400 (lol) with my sign proudly being waived on T.V.

 My point on all this again... is that anyone can make shit happen... anyone..If you ever wanted to meet your idol YOU TOO can make it happen. One thing you can do is check their stats, what  they might do and what their next big step in their career is. Say it's a pitcher and he's going for his 1000 k's or if they are going for a complete game shut out, maybe a no-hitter, whatever.. you kinda gotta see what's happening and then be prepared to write that on a sign. Even just bringing a sign and just going to the game and doing your part.. like Making Some Noise! It's ACTION... Not just talking the talk but Walking the Walk. It starts with a dream but you can't just sit on your ass and dream you've got to get out there and take steps to ACCOMPLISH that dream.

 That's where I'm going with Halo Space. It may seem small now but BELIEVE ME it will grow SO BIG... and that's where YOU the TRUEST of fans come in. I want YOU'RE help and to help you accomplish your dreams as well. We are all lucky to be  at the beginning stages of this Halo Space adventure because of the fact that its just the beginning and it's just starting now, and it's going to grow into something huge, into something monstrous.

You can be a part of this next step I'm taking to grow this fan site into a fan club where we go out and make things happen. and you can all be a part of it... now who's on board? (don't get left behind)


Thank you Jose for telling us your story.