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Donnie Moore Game 24, Doug Eddings Game 5

Sure, October 12 is the anniversary of the "Donnie Moore Game" ... 24 years ago today the Angels were one strike away from going to the world series. The numbing incredulity the memory still causes manages to make us forget two other Angels playoff tragedies: October 10, 1982 against the then AL-Brewers and the Doug Eddings Game.

It was five years ago tonight that home plate umpire Doug Eddings signaled strike three to Angels pitcher Kelvim Escobar and Catcher Josh Paul, reversing himself when the play could then not be defended against. Eddings' obtuse refusal to admit any ambiguity in his call in a postgame press conference was all the more angering.

If the Angels come home up 2-0, do they go on to win the ALCS? Maybe. They lost three straight at home to a White Sox team that sailed with ease in every game. The sting might be lessened for having beaten the Yankees in the '05 ALDS, but we did take the first game of the ALCS. If we take it, there is no way Ozzie Guillen is still managing in Chicago today. And there is no way the Angels lose to the Astros. But would things have been different around here had Ate gotten a ring so early in his tenure? We could be here longer debating what-ifs about the past then we will all offseason discussing the what-shoulds looking forward to 2011.

Because Halos Heaven is the fan blog that has been around long enough, we can present exactly what we were all going through here on that day back then... Here is our 2005 ALCS Game 2 Game Thread #2, our Postgame Thread from that game, A morning after vent from yours truly and a Defense of Angels Catcher Josh Paul later that day.

On a lighter note, happy 24th birthday to Angels pitcher Trevor Bell. On my 24th birthday, I got a Barney Rubble Tattoo, what did you do?