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Randal Grichuk's Big Half Season: Top Angels Prospect Performances, #31-#35

Remember that this list is based entirely on statistical performance in 2010, and is not a traditional "best prospects" ranking. 

35) Randal Grichuk, 8/13/91 - OF, Single A and ASL

.299/.335/.566 with 11 HR's and 39 XBH's in 266 PA. +17 bat, -5 glove, 1.77 WAR

It would be easy to dismiss Grichuk's season as a wash, his August/September success just canceling out his April/May failure. But while the Midwest League is generally a difficult place to hit, that's much, much more true in the cold, damp April weather.  When he went down with the thumb sprain in May, Grichuk's .711 OPS still made him one of the league's most productive teenagers. The .366/385/.645 line he put up upon returning was otherworldly. Put that together, and you have a very good showing for a teenager widely panned as unworthy of a first round pick, making him perhaps the most underrated guy in the Halos' system. Plate discipline will continue to be his biggest challenge, but there were modest (very modest!) improvements in 2010: his K-rate dipped from 27% in his pro debut to to under 25%, and his walk rate crept to over 4%. Here's a link to video of what I thought was an especially impressive at bat. 

34) Bryant George, 7/17/88 - Advanced Rookie League

5 wins, 2 losses.  43.2 IP, 40 hits, 2.68 ERA, 48 K/18 BB.  +11 runs saved, 1.81 WAR

At 5'10", 178 lbs, George is an undersized, hard throwing righty that the Halos plucked out of the second day of the draft (13th round - that's where the Halos nabbed Kohn in 2008, if you put stock in precedent). He had served as a set-up guy and sometimes closer at Southern Illinois University, but overall had an uneven amateur track record. The Halos obviously saw something they liked, and so far he's been very good in pro ball. I'm looking forward to seeing the scouting report on him. 

33) Rafael Rodriguez, 9/24/84 - RHRP, AAA

5 wins, 3 losses. 50.1 IP, 41 hits, 3.04 ERA, 30 K/15 BB.  +11 runs saved, 1.81 WAR

In the initial months of 2010, Rodriguez continued to look like the mildly intriguing bullpen piece that Baseball America described entering the season, when they ranked him the 22nd best prospect in the system (eight spots ahead of Mike Kohn). The Diamondbacks liked him enough to include him in the Haren trade, but sadly he fell apart after the transaction, logging just 13 innings and giving up 16 hits and 13 runs for their AAA affiliate. Suckers.

32) Michael Kohn, 6/26/86 - RHRP, AA, AAA and Majors

5 wins, 4 losses, 11 saves. 46 IP, 28 hits, 2.15 ERA, 57 K/28 BB.  +13 runs saved, 1.85 WAR

Recent reports suggest Kohn's velocity is down from last year, when Kotchman tagged him with that tantalizing  "sneaky 94" comment. So far he's holding it together at the big league level, but sitting at just 91 mph, his margin for error isn't huge. I'm only cautiously optimistic entering 2011 -- I don't worry much about his control now that the jitters are gone, but I do worry about the possibility of major league hitters catching up to his deceptive motion and reduced velocity.

31) Cory Aldridge, 6/13/79 - Of, AAA

.318/.388/.535 with 13 HR in 338 PA.  +18 bat, -5 glove, 1.86 WAR

Depending on what transactions go down this winter - DFA's, free agents, trades, etc - Aldridge has a chance of remaining with the Halos into next year. His big league debut didn't go so hot, but he does provide depth and his bat would sure help the Bees out.