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Bengie Molina Bandwagon Late to Fill Up

Seeing as former Angel Bengie Molina just hit the biggest homerun in the history of the Texas Rangers franchise, let's examine what the mouthbreathing, cocaine-to-kids, steers-n-fears SenatorsRangers fanbase thought of the July 1 trade that brought over Bengie Molina to their squad for a handful of prospects.

On a scale of 0-10, 63% of Rangers fans knew squat about baseball and rated the trade 0-4. Turdchewers, every last one of 'em, and if you don't believe so, read the poll's comments at that link above, Holy hell you would think that Bengie Molina was Gary Matthews Junior what with all the hate. Well tonight those haters are forgetful and are sittin' pretty and loving the Senior-Molina and celebrating the only hit in their franchise's history that has ever really mattered... but we here all know that it was a TOP 100 ANGEL that is now also as important a Ranger as there ever has been.