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Ric Wilson Named Angels Scouting Director

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The Angels named their national cross-checker RIC WILSON to replace fired Eddie Bane as the organization's scouting director. The Chicago-based Los Angeles Times had a report about it. The Orange County Register had a report that made sure to link to Mark Whicker perpetuating the lie that there was a personality clash with Bane in the Angels front office that led to Bane's demise. Mark Whicker is either stupid, a liar or both.

In the press release announcing the hiring, Wilson was quoted:

"We will continue to bring impact-type players from all means available as per the draft, international market, free agents and trades. We will concentrate on power bats, power arms, speed and defense in order to create a balance of high-end players, as well as solid overall baseball players."

After last season saw an international talent evaluator booted for skimming signing bonuses and this season's naked lack of organizational depth exposed Bane's risky draft strategies as having left the cupboards bare, the specifics among this generality of a statement can be parsed as being less about gambling on projectable toolsy amateurs and more about molding established performers with track records. A safe bet is that the June 2011 draft will feature the Angels drafting more college players.