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October 27, 1960

I read the news today, oh boy...

Although the ownership group of the expansion Angels would not be announced until December 6, 1960, it was fifty years ago today - October 27, 1960 - that the American League announced two expansion franchises (Washington DC and Los Angeles) would play in the 1961 season. The league also announced that the existing Washington Senators would be moving to Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The expansion Washington Senators would move to Arlington Texas in time for the 1972 season and change their name to Rangers. The Los Angeles Angels moved to Anaheim, California prior to the 1966 season and changed their name to California Angels later that year.

42 years to the day later, the Angels won Game 7 of the World Series over the San Francisco Giants for their lone (to-date) championship. On this fiftieth anniversary of the announcement, the Rangers will make their first ever appearance in the fall classic, facing the Giants as well.