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Postseason Review: Eve of Destruction

So here we are, Rangers vs. Giants in the World Series. Ugh. Out of all 16 possible World Series match-ups when the postseason started, this one would have been #16 on my list of series I wanted to see. We can debate the fine points, but in my opinion, the Rangers and Giants were both the weakest contenders in their respective fields. Like many Angels fans, I also have "personal issues" with both these franchises. Now they get to duke it out for CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!! (except that inconsequential part of the world that doesn't include the US and Canada). That's baseball. Winning it all in October pretty much means going 11-8 or better in the right order. Keep that little nugget ready with the rest of your troll repellent.

Pitching probably means more than anything at this time of year, although it doesn't mean everything (ask the Rays). The Yankees were done in by crappy pitching, a collapse I was expecting in the 2009 ALCS, but those bastards got away with it last time. Joe Giardia trotted out pretty much the same crew again, and the Yankees finally paid for over-investing in a couple of arms at the expense of everything else. While the Rangers were pounding meatball after meatball, did anyone else notice Hankenstein and $$$man already sizing up Cliff Lee's jersey for next year? They have a history of purchasing pitchers who burn them in the postseason.

And the Giants are frickin' lucky, man. Six of their seven postseason wins have been by one run. Sure, their great pitching has something to do with that. But I mean, Cody Ross hitting four homers across three games? Juan Uribe driving in two game-winning runs in the same series? I haven't seen such truly random heroics since Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver turned into Cy Young and Cy Younger for the Cardinals in 2006 (before immediately reverting to their lousy selves after signing big deals in the offseason, I might add). It was good enough to knock off the hobbled Braves and then punish the Phillies for their bullpen weaknesses, but can they do it a third time? As uninspiring as the Rangers were during the regular season, I don't see how they can't be huge favorites this week.

So what does it mean for Angels fans? Unless you're more charitable than I am, I guess it means Giants or bust. If only they weren't so...unlikeable. Unfortunately, one of these two teams has to win. Yes, I do believe we're on the eve of destruction. At least we're finally done with TBS and Ron Darling and the Conan blimp and "Booooooorn Freeeeeeee!" (when did Kid Rock go from crappy nu metal to crappy country music)?