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Vacation's All I Ever Wanted (from this season)

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Despite a down season on the field, connecting with this community every day has been great.

Your enjoyment of a dynamic place to immerse yourself in your fandom of the Angels is the goal of myself and the editorial team we've assembled on your behalf.

I especially want to thank WiHalofan for his morning links and deep dedication to Mutecasts and other site editorial, Scottnak for his tabulations and for bringing a hot chick to the stadium meetup in May, FOXPAW for programming our awesome pregame casino, RGHAN for his great minor league coverage, mattwelch for his illuminating lucidity and affable demeanor in this moshpit of the written word, Suboptimal for great posts that have enlightened our enjoyment of the game and misery of Jeff Mathis, Rallymonkey5 (aka Chone Smith) for summarizing players in two sentences better than a thousand word profile in traditional sports journalism ever would, and to my two best baseball buddies ever, cupie and yeswecan, friends in good times and in lousy seasons like this one. When they raise another flag one day, bullshit like 2010 will make that friggin' flag flyin' all the more fantastic!

To all of our posters, lurkers and surfers, the Angels offseason will happen here, so tune in now and again.

And congratulations are in order to the Texas Rangers and their long-suffering fans on winning the American League West. The Rangers may be starting a dynasty and winning will get old and the bandwagon yokels will bug you or Arlington may be enjoying their only division title in a generation. In my fandom, I've waited patiently for 16 years between postseason appearances and cheered just as loud when the titles came back to back, so even though it never gets old, please be sure to live it up and enjoy every moment of it. There are no guarantees in life, but next to love, nothing beats winning, not a fucking thing.

Go Angels!