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So you think you can predict? Results

Remember back before the season starts... we got a little up in arms after Baseball Prospectus predicted we'd be in last in the AL West with the Angels finishing last with 77 wins...

Well. We certainly didn't do that bad! 3rd with 80 wins thank you very much!

... *cough* well anyway. The important thing is to see who beat BP overall.

First to refresh memories here's that old thread

Here's the ranking: (Scoring is total difference of guess & actual wins of all teams)
1. Freddie Mac (190)
2. Stirrups (192)
3. 101halo (192)
4. NoDakHalo (199)
5. Sinatrasratpack (202)

See where the HH Average, Last year's win count, BP, Rev, and My rankings placed!
As well as the worst 5! (Excluding 'very extraneous' results)
And your specific result as well.

12. Baseball Prospectus (209)
18. Average of all* HH guesses (211.38)
54. Last year's win-counts (234)
56. Rev Halofan (236)
59. ScottNak (240)
101. Halos in DE (298)
102. Angelskid2210 (304)
103. matt92130 (306)
104. bryanharvey'smoustache (312)
105. RESUCHANEK (315)

>> Rest of the Results <<

Guesses tab has what everyone exactly picked
Breakdown tabulates your score
Breakdown (2) shows overestimation/underestimation, with a breakdown of your choices & total team
Team Stat breaks down each team's difference, perfect picks, 'within 5' performances

Quick Observations:
Yankees, Phillies, Astros, Red Sox, Rangers seem to be the teams that were best guessed
Angels, Diamondbacks, Reds, Padres, Mariners seem to be the teams that were worst guessed
- Seattle was by far the most 'unexpected' with no-one being anywhere close (18 off was the closest)
- Everyone OVEREXPECTED Seattle's & Diamondback's performance
- Everyone UNDEREXPECTED Padre's performance
- Cleveland was picked exactly by the most!