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Lunch Time Halo Talk - 11/16/10

Join Rev and Jim (WiHaloFan) for another edition of Lunch Time Halo Talk this Tuesday from 11am to 12:30 (Pacific).  This week's guest is former major leaguer Bob Locker (BB-Ref page).

On December 6th, the Baseball Hall of Fame will announce the results of the Veteran's Committee for induction in 2011. One of the 12 men being considered is Marvin Miller, former Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Players Association.  Mr. Locker has created a website,, in order for past and current major leaguers to leave messages of  appreciation to the man who helped lead the way to free agency.  From the site:

As the director of the Major League Baseball Players Association (from 1966 to 1983), Marvin led us from a history of no rights to parity with the owners. Most of us were very respectful of our opportunity to play a sport for a living, and certainly didn’t want to offend our employers. But Marvin pointed out how grossly unjust the situation was. With grace and dignity, he slowly but surely led us into a position of equality.

Those of us whose careers ended before free agency began in 1975 rarely made enough during the seasons to support ourselves and families without working in the off-seasons, never mind saving for the future. Thanks to this man, we now enjoy pensions, often greater than our salaries during our playing days.

During his playing days, Mr. Locker was also a member of the 1969 Seattle Pilot, immortalized by Jim Bouton in "Ball Four". Listen in as we talk baseball, Hall of Fame, and history with our special guest, Bob Locker. Listen live, right here, Tuesday November 16th from 11am to 12:30 (Pacific).