How about Chase Utley

Before everyone says I'm crazy, give this some thought. First, I live near Philadelphia and I can say that the fan base is down on Utley. There is a thinking that Utley is on a downward trend based on the last few years. Utley plays extremely hard and some thing his body is wearing down and that injuries are going to be an issue going forward. There is also talk that he should maybe moved somewhere other than 2B.....he had a bad playoff defensively and beyond the sabermetrics, anyone that watches him on consistent basis knows he is hardly the smoothest fielder.

So here's the logic. Jason Werth is a free agent for the Phils, and the heir apparent is top prospect Dominic Brown. Considering payroll, it's a given that the chances of resiging Werth are very slim. But here's the thing: Brown is left handed, and the Phils would be completely top heavy from a left hitting persepective. So, trading Utley would allow them the funds to resign Werth and still start Brown if they wished (by ridding themselves of either Ibanez or Victorino), but they'd have to acquire RH replacement for Utley. Also, the team needs relief pitching. That's their number one weakness.

Soooo, how about Howie Kendrick, one of our young relief pitchers, and another prospect for Utley. My thinking: Utley still has plenty left in the tank, and would give us the offensive boost (including walks) that we desperately need. Plus, Chase is from So. Calif. And he's signed.

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