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Angels Coach Ron Roenicke Named Brewers Manager

According to numerous mainstream news sources and our own UK HALO here on Halos Heaven, Angels bench coach Ron Roenicke has been named the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Congratulations to the THIRD Angels coach under Mike Scioscia to be named a manager of a major league baseball team. Roenicke follows Joe Maddon and Bud Black. Roenicke was the 3B coach during the magical 2002 world championship season and served as bench coach for Scioscia after Maddon's departure.

I was interviewed by the SBN Brewers Blog BREW CREW BALL about Roenicke as a possible hire and had this to say:

Ron Roenicke has been with the Angels for eleven years - he was the 3rd base coach until succeeding Joe Maddon as the bench coach in 2006. It is difficult to tell what kind of manager he would be outside of Scioscia's shadow. In the games Scioisca has been ejected from, Roenicke has followed Mike's strategy and tendencies. Observing Joe Maddon and Bud Black, two Scioscia coaching alumni, one could expect that Roenicke as a manager would:

  • Place an emphasis on batters and baserunners pressuring the defense.
  • Have well-defined roles for bullpen arms that were etched in stone barring complete meltdowns over ten appearances.

More at THIS LINK on Roenicke.