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Giving Thanks

Ten years ago Angels fans polled about what they would give thanks for might have said something like "elbow room at the stadium..." and that is about it...

Well the transformative decade has left us all with less elbow room but with a hunger to get back to winning as we became quite used to being victorious.

We should all be thankful for the security of Arte Moreno wanting to win as much or more than any of us. There are at least 20 fan-bases out there that will never know the feeling of confidence that Arte gives us.

We should be thankful for the steady leadership of Mike Scioscia who, even if he has started to show a few flaws in his overall strategy relative to his mid-decade run of perfect calls, basically is the best field general in all of baseball. The long-term assurance that he will be here again gives us a confidence in the organization that two-thirds of baseball fans just will never know.

Are you thankful for the least expensive parking in the major leagues? The bikini cougars that swarm the stadium's day games? The lack of rain outs? The imminent return of Kendry Morales? There is lots to be thankful for as an Angels fan... what are you most thankful for?