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U2 Will Try Anaheim Date Again

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So U2 will be coming to Angel Stadium of Anaheim Jun 17 and 18 in 2011. A quick check of the June baseball schedule shows that MLB has some geniuses who made sure to avoid making Santana (Ervin) the opening act as the Angels will be making their debut appearance at CitField in New York in interleague games against the Mets that Friday and Saturday.

Talentless one-hit wonder Lenny Kravitz will be the opening act. Are you gonna go his way if the streets have no names? No way, because you are grounded and cannot go to the concert young man, that will teach you to talk back you smart alek.

Last year, the Angels took an extended road trip to accommodate the Irish banking conglomerate only to have frontman Bono (no relation to Sonny) injure himself severely enough that the show was postponed by one year. U2 Guitarist the Edge was, ironically, not the one who walked off his name. Okay I almost have enough words in this article to qualify it for the search engine spiders, but they still haven't found what they're looking for.

An extended road trip for the Halos will wind up n Dodger stadium a week later against the McDivorceds while the Angel Stadium grounds crew restores the field to its pre-corporate-rock pristine nature. The Angels will be back on their field Monday June 27 for a reviving of the interleague Pine Tar Glove series with the Washington Nationals.