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On This Date In Halos Heaven History

FIVE Years Ago today... A ranting (now proven to be idiotic) against a Paul Konerko signing. 2005 HH Link

FOUR Years Ago last week... Nailing what a Gary Matthews Jr. signing would mean for the team. 2006 HH Link

THREE Years Ago last week... Spelling "Torii" wrong (two Rs one i) in an otherwise decent analysis of what signing Torii Hunter to the biggest contract in club history meant for the team moving forward. 2007 HH Link

TWO Years Ago this week... Garret Anderson was declined arbitration, making him a free agent. The Angels offered four players arbitration, which would eventually yield us the draft picks that led to getting Mike Trout drafted. 2008 HH Link

ONE Year Ago this week... Announcers Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler were let go by the Angels. 2009 HH Link