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Terry Smith Interviews Tony Reagins

Since the multitude of posters and commenters in this vast community known as Halos Heaven has so much to say about Angels General Manager Tony Reagins, our good friend from AM-830/Throwbacks/LAAI Jason Brennan decided to let Tony speak for himself.

Jason was great about sending over this audio from Angels Tonight as the legendary Angels radio voice Terry Smith interviewed Reagins on Friday afternoon, fresh off the signing of left-handed relief pitcher Scott Downs...

Reagins Audio

Listen close... the lack of fear in that man's voice is terrifying... you just know he has a plan I place that will unfold.... or has my hope for the best clouded all objectivity here. What do you hear when you listen to that audio link above? Do you have confidence that man can put it all together?

Special thanks to our friends at AM-830 especially the JBs: Jason Brennan and Jeané Blunt.