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LunchTime HaloTalk - 11 AM

Jim (WiHalofan) and your Rev hosted our weekly gab session about Angels Baseball earlier today LIVE on LunchTime HaloTalk... tune in each week at 11 AM and listen to the only fan-controlled Angels Baseball Internet Radio show online.

Listen to the show's archive at the widget below...

On the show we counted down the ten WORST moments of the 2010 Angels season:

10. Paying Gary Matthews to do nothing ... 9. KLAA selling out to ESPN programming ... 8. the 2010 Amateur Draft ... 7. Paul McAnulty getting starts at 1B ... 6. Not throwing in the towel when trade value on some players was high ... 5. The false confidence that a hot June brought ... 4. The passing of Rory Markas ... 3. Brandon Wood's bad season ... 2. Scott Kazmir's bad season ... and number one...

1. Snuggie Night.