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TORII TAKES RIGHT - Angels 2010 Top Ten #10

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On August 3, Peter Bourjos made his major league debut for the Angels in Centerfield. But the big story was that Torii Hunter had acquiesced his position without a star tantrum. Hunter moved to Right Field and acknowledged that the goal was to win games and that Bourjos in the field and Hunter's glove in RF was the best combination to make that happen.

As I Stated in my Bourjos Promotion Highlights Outfield Woes essay then on SBNLA:

The club addressed it by moving Torii Hunter to right field, and his cooperation and public taking of Bourjos under his wing makes him the hero in this saga and will most definitely improve the defense for the Angels this year and next. Allowing Peter Bourjos to get 150-200 plate appearances in the big leagues will hopefully pay off in 2011.

Angels fans can take pride in Torii's shelving the ego. And to those who would dismiss it, think about how great Yankees pitching would be with the simple addition of a defensively league average Short Stop had Derek Jeter understood that his moving to Left Field would make his team better overall.

Halos Heaven had the news of the callup in a FanPost by angelsx3714: Peter Bourjos Called Up

This is the first of our countdown over the next ten days of the Angels Top Ten Moments of 2010.