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SIGNING JOEL PINEIRO Angels 2010 Top Ten #5

On January 20 of 2010, the Angels signed Joel Pineiro to be their 5th starter. He wound up with an ERA+ of 106 in 152+ Innings Pitched. That was second best for Angels starters with more than 100 IP in 2010. He started 23 games for the Angels, held up in late July with a ribcage muscle strain for almost two months, he started three games at the end of September, about the time he turned 32. The two year contract for $8 million a season that he signed in January guarantees that Joel will be holding up the back end of the rotation in 2011.

He is not a superstar, he is not an all star, but we got a little better than league average innings for 2/3 of the season from Joel Pineiro and he adds depth for the season ahead, making his 2010 inking of a contract with the club the 5th best moment of the 2010 season.