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Angels Should Raise Seat Prices, A Third Base Clunker. Halolinks.

Fans say Phillies are worth every penny - Philadelphia Daily News
Brian Reed, of West Chester, said he plans to go to even more games. "The product they put on the field is worth paying more to see," Reed said. "This is the most exciting time in Phillies history during my lifetime . . . There are no guarantees we will be this good forever. I plan to enjoy the ride." (HT: Hardball Talk)

I think the Angels should raise seat prices. This opinion isn't shared by the Angels owner Arte Moreno who thinks fans would rather spend less money to watch an inferior team than pay a higher amount to watch a top-tier team. This LA Time article points out the Angels had the lowest average ticket price in the AL last season at $19. And that's great for the fans who are able to attend games regularly, but what about those fans who can't or don't attend games? In the last 3 years I've gone to 3 games in person, yet I watch around 120 games live and another 10 or so the next day. Am I less of a fan because I don't root for the club in person? It would appear this is the case to the Angels owner. If the market would allow an increase in ticket prices without resulting in a decrease in attendance, why not bump up prices? Especially if the desire to keep ticket prices low is what's hindering the team in spending to improve the club. I would much rather watch a team with a better chance of winning the World Series than an affordable one which provides fans the opportunity to visit the ballpark. There's no reason the Angels can't keep some seats at the same price while increasing the premium seats to help cover the costs of improving the team.

On a side note, this Moreno quote strikes me odd, "It's crazy. I paid [$183 million] for the team [in 2003], and now we're talking $142 million for one player?" And your point is? In 2003 I paid $100,000 for a house (in Wisconsin), and now it costs almost half that amount to buy a mini-van. The estimated value of the Angels franchise is approximately $521 million, or roughly 285% more than Moreno paid for it. If Arte wants to use 2003 dollars to compare the cost of Crawford's contract reduced by the same rate as his franchises valuation, Crawford would have cost $49.8M over the 7 years (or $7M/season). Sounds like a bargain.


Tell me why Callaspo isn’t a viable option at third - The Orange County Register
Callaspo is 27, and a switch-hitter with fairly decent splits. He can also play shortstop, second base, or left field, and is in my mind a useful player. No Beltre, again, but he shouldn’t be so readily dismissed.

Until about a month ago, I drove a rusted-out, piece-of-crap 1991 Dodge Pickup. I recently "upgraded" to a 1998 Ford Taurus that gets me to work and back (with the added bonus of a radio and heater), but it might not be the most reliable (or viable) option for the future. It's a great utility vehicle, but probably not the best option to be used as a primary source of transportation. Compared to the Dodge, the Taurus is a top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz, but I know its not a Mercedes. Its a Ford. Taurus.

So, to answer Earl Bloom's question; it's Alberto. Callaspo.

December 29 - BR Bullpen
1933 - New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert refuses to release Babe Ruth from his contract, thus preventing him from becoming the manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Ruth will never receive a chance to manage a major league team.
1969 - The New York Times reports that former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Curt Flood will sue Major League Baseball over the reserve clause, which perpetually binds players to their teams. Flood is objecting to being traded from the Cardinals to the Philadelphia Phillies without his consent.
Happy b-day:
1962 - Devon White, outfielder; All-Star