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K LEADER JERED WEAVER Angels 2010 Top Ten #1

Who led the Major Leagues in strikeouts in 2010? Was it Cy Young Award Winnner Felix Hernandez? Was it World Champion Tim Lincecum? Was it ESPN cuckold CC Sabathia?


In 2010 Jered Weaver struck out 233 batters, tenth most in a single season in Angels franchise history. The mark led all of baseball. Nobody reported it. In a permafrost of East Coast Bias, let's let the sun shine in and celebrate something that, had Jon Lester or Phil Hughes accomplished, would have caused some hack media type like Buster Olney to stage a hunger strike at Cooperstown demanding immediate induction.

Jered Weaver had a great season on the mound and the permanence of this mark in the record books will be the highlight that lasts the longest and shines the brightest in a decidedly dim season. The last Angel to lead all of baseball in strikeouts was Nolan Ryan in 1977 (it was Ryan's fifth time leading the majors in Ks, he would do it once more in 1987 with Houston). Frank Tanana was the only other Angels pitcher to accomplish this feat.

Just because nobody in New Jersey mentions it doesn't mean the fans is Southern California can't. Here's to Jered Weaver making his mark and salvaging an ounce of dignity for us and for our team amidst a season of digressions, regression and (since the scum of the earth dismiss our winning as mere luck) being unlucky.