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So you think you can predict? [Last Week!]

Well, we've certainly had some interesting feedback to the recent results of these so-called-experts giving their opinions on how the 2010 season will turn out... and well, perhaps it would be interesting to see if some of us would be willing to predict as well. How would our guesses compare to those of the so-called-experts.

Of course, just remember this is all for kicks and fun.

So, I'm sure you would love to join in, you have until March 1st to make your picks.

- You must select a number of wins for every team (if all teams are not picked = DQ)
- This contest only pertains to the regular season. Tiebreakers / Playoff games will not be included.
- In addition to using the form, you must also comment something in the comments. It doesn't have to be what you picked, just a sign to me that you actually used the form. No comment below = DQ.
- You may change your picks as many time as you want. Just use the form again.
- The So-Called-Experts will also be included in this contest. If you find any more predictions out there, feel free to add them in the comments.
- Deadline is March 1st, 11:59:59PM. The timestamp when you submit the form must be before this time.

- For each team, I will calculate the difference between your picks and their actual results.
- The differences will be added up to give your Final Score.
- The lower your Final Score the better it is.
- Tiebreakers will be the following:
--- 1. Number of teams you've picked wins perfectly
--- 2. Number of teams you've correctly ranked in each division.*
--- 3. The difference between your picks and the actual result for the Angels
--- 4. The difference between your picks and the actual result for a randomly selected team.
--- 5. Repeat 4 until all teams are exhausted or tie is broken.
--- 6. Random draw.

* If two teams have the same number of wins, and their ranks are ambiguous, either rank they take up will be considered correct (that is, if two teams are tied for 2nd, 2nd & 3rd are "correct")

2010 MLB Standings Picks!


Teams are currently in order by their final rank in 2009.
If you believe some team will get <41 wins or >120 wins, you must leave a note in the comments.


* Required

AL West

AL Central

AL East

NL West

NL Central

NL East

Note: When you submit, it will redirect to the confirmation screen. It wont redirect part of the screen like usual.