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Mike Butcher Interviewed on AM 830

They used to say "Hot off the presses" but nowadays we can say "Hot off the airwaves..." Here is an interview conducted earlier this afternoon on THE DRIVE, the drive time sports call-in show on AM 830, KLAA, the home of the Angels.

Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher was interviewed by Jeff Biggs and talks in great detail about the Angels going into Spring Training, 2010.

Mike Butcher Interview Part 1 (Hot Topic: Joel Pineiro's great 2009 is not a one-year fluke) 8 minutes.

Mike Butcher Interview Part 2 (Hot Topic: January's workout camp opened his eyes to how good our minor league pitchers are) 10+ minutes.

Special thanks to Jason Brennan and Jeané Blunt for getting Halos Heaven this audio.