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Halos Heaven Welcomes 3 Millionth Unique Visitor

Were you the 3 MILLIONTH UNIQUE VISITOR to Halos Heaven? We are not computer techs who can tweak the numbers... we have had a neutral, third-party Sitemeter installed here since day one and our sitemeter has recorded the three millionth unique visitor to this site tonight!

We have 3,820 registered members (205 of whom have been banned) as of tonight and if you are a member of the community here, realize that a lot of people come here to read what YOU have to say.

We had a nice traffic boost in the past year from SBN's partnering with Yahoo! Sports and CBS Sports but it is the content that we as a community produce that makes it easy to say we are the Number One Angels Fan Site... But the neutral SiteMeter compiles the stats and confirms this fact and all of the boasting that can be done about it: most visitors, most traffic, most members, most posters, most comments, and best looking bloggers ... united and divided in discussing the team we love every day. Congratulations to every member of our community and thanks for visiting.