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Angels Offseason: Triumph Under the Radar

The Angels' offseason is being routinely castigated by baseball analysts as a net detriment to the team's capabilities. The shortsighted analysis takes no consideration of the team's depth. But of course, all these analysts out there are not paid to pay attention to the details, just the broad brushstrokes please, our Hideki Matsui signing be damned.

A deeper irony is how the absence of players the Angels lost this offseason were singled out as a reason the Angels will lose the division this year. A casual familiarity with recent preseason forecasts reveals no salivating over John Lackey, Chone Figgins, Darren Oliver and Gary Matthews Jr and the recent, more ancient version of Vladimir Guerrero as cementing the team to its recent trifecta of Western Division titles.

So without further ado, here is my rave review for the weeding of the garden better known as the Angels offseason...

Thanks to the dogs for not barking while filming was taking place.