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Halos Heaven CBS Sports Fantasy League

If you are still looking to set up your Fantasy League, remember that starting a league AT THIS LINK gets you a 50% discount of the normal $180 startup cost.

The Winning manager in this league will have some pretty extreme bragging rights:

Chicago Neighborhoods - managed by Bill "Shredder" Seitz of the LA Seitz of Chicago blog

Downing's Briancats - managed by Sean Smith, inventor of the CHONE projection system from the ALL THE WAY blog

Radio Angels - managed by AM-830 Radio Personality Jeff Biggs

THE BATGIRLS - managed by Missus Halofan who has never done this before, adding to the humiliation of any and all she beats

Scottnak's ATTACK - managed by SCOTTNAK - Halos Heaven pregame picks maestro. Would have been weird if someone else in the league had named their team this.

Sabotage - managed by poster Casey KOD as his reward for winning the ultimate Angels trivia contest

Team 7 - managed by Jason Brennan, the AM-830 Radio Host and proprietor of Throwbacks Sports Bar who has yet to name his team

WARgasmic Nine - managed by WIHALOFAN, Halos Heaven co-host and mad cartoonist

Team 9 - managed by the Orange County Register's Sam Miller who has yet to name his team even though this name kinda sorta works for a team

PECOTA Busters - managed by Ryan Ghan, Halos Heaven minor league guru

Quarter-Tones - managed by Jim Scully, jazzman

Hawaii Tinmen - managed by Eyespy - first member of the Halos Heaven community that I did not know before this blog commenced

Darby from Yorba Linda - managed by CUPIE - rock star

Rev's Puzzled Panthers - managed by yours truly.

And for those of you keeping score at home, 6-4-2's Rob McMillin politely declined an offer to manage a team and Matt Welch apologized for being too busy saving the world for democracy to participate.