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Site House Rules Thread

Not to be a registered Democrat and embrace regulation that stifles freedom and growth, but I was going to tinker with the site rules and thought to ask here for your input.

Many years ago some guy posted that he loved the site but his kids were not allowed on it because of the F-Bombage. A wonderful discussion of standards versus censorship followed and we arrived at the 1 F-Bomb per month rule.

So there you have it, so have at it... this is the thread for feedback related to how we as a community should operate, what we should tolerate and where to draw the line.


1. The Angels and Baseball are the topics. Have fun!

2. OPTIMISTIC? Don't bully others into cheering along

3. PESSIMISTIC? Bitch once, then offer a solution. Don’t bitch twice, it’s alright

4. Martyrs and Hostile posters get banned fastest

5. Your opinion is always allowed, but so is everyone's opinion of your opinion

6. Use the F-word once a month maximum

7. No T&A pictures. No exceptions

8. No Ticket Sales

9. No posting pictures in game threads

10. Sidebar Headlines MUST convey the Subject