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New Rules

TOPICS: The Angels and Baseball are the topics. Be cool and nobody gets hurt.

ATTITUDE: OPTIMISTIC? Don't bully others into cheering along. PESSIMISTIC? Bitch once, then offer a solution. Don’t bitch twice, it’s alright.

STATS: Assume we are skeptical. Extravagant claims require extra-precise proof. If you use the word "luck" it means you believe in magic and faeries, not that there is anything wrong with that. Please explain or link to a simple definition of any stat more complex than OPS.

COMMUNITY CONDUCT: Disagreement and intelligent critiques are welcome. Criticism is not censorship - your opinion is always allowed, but so is everyone's opinion of your opinion. There are ladies and children here on occasion, so keep it PG-13. You may use the F-word once a month maximum. No T&A pictures ever - No exceptions.

COMMERCE: No Ticket Sales.

GAME THREADS: No posting pictures, animated gifs, etcetera in game threads. No requesting new game threads. No links to pirate feeds.

FANPOST/FANSHOT: This blog draws heavy high-traffic, so you are obligated to use good grammar and write about interesting topics. Try to impress us. We offer sophisticated posting tools, so learn these tools. FanShots are for quick links and news with little commentary. FanPosts are deeper analysis, investigations and detailed, passionate commentary. Your FanPost/FanShot Headlines MUST convey the Subject. Redundant, ambiguous and amateurish FanPosts get erased without warning, or worse, mocked in the comments by the community.

HOW TO GET BANNED: Martyrs and Hostile posters get banned fastest. Halos Heaven is like Vegas and our goodwill is like your casino chips - if you gamble away your chips you don't get them back, they're gone from the table and you're gone from the casino.