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Ervin Santana Looks Bad, Feels Good: Halolinks

With yesterday's off-day for the Angels, there's not a whole lot of Halocentric internet chatter out there...

Angels’ Ervin Santana feels good despite bad results -
Ervin Santana will begin focusing on results in his next spring start. As for Thursday's 3 2/3-inning, five-run, seven-hit effort in a triple-A game against the San Francisco Giants, the Angels right-hander preferred to focus on the positives.

Yikes. He probably just felt sorry for the batters he faced, being they're minor the Giant organization.

Are the Los Angeles Angels missing Gary Matthews Jr.? - ESPN Los Angeles
Manager Mike Scioscia, ever the company man, isn't ready to admit the Angels are thinner than a Hollywood debutant when it comes to outfielders. "Reggie's a little banged up. We still have to explore the feasibility of Matsui playing the outfield," Scioscia said. "If those two things are in place, we'll have enough to be able to rotate and cover some guys." If Willits is healthy in a couple of weeks, the Angels will be one injury away from starting a guy who hit .213 last year and has never hit a home run in 663 major league at-bats. On the other hand, he's a capable outfielder and one of the Angels' fastest players.

That was the one thing some Angels fans didn't realize about Matthews. He was a decent guy to have around to come off the bench or to give one of the starters a day off. Will he be missed? Sure. Is anyone unhappy he's gone? Probably not. Also, within this post, Saxon mentions a couple still unsigned free agent OFs. Would the Angels consider signing someone like Jermaine Dye as a bat off the bench? Or do the Angels have the player(s) in-house?

Victor Rojas Launches "Yakcy" Social Network Site for Sports
Victor Rojas, the new television play-by-play man for the LA Angels, and former MLB Network host today launched Yakcy (, a site that allows sports fans to engage in Twitter-esq conversation on specific sports events, thus allowing fans to focus on specific events without the background chatter often times associated with Twitter.

Sounds like a Halos Heaven game thread.

Angels' Brian Fuentes wants his speed back -
"My velocity didn't really come back, never to what I was accustomed to," Fuentes said. "I don't know why, because I felt good." He has a clue. During his free-agent winter, Fuentes, who signed a two-year, $17.5-million deal with the Angels, hired a personal trainer for the first time. He got bigger and stronger, but thinks he lost flexibility, which may have affected his delivery. When Fuentes reached back for more, he found little. And it was reflected on radar-gun readings.Fuentes scrapped the personal trainer this winter and went back to his regular workout regimen. He hit 91 mph in his second spring outing and he looked sharp on Tuesday, retiring the side in order against San Diego.

So hiring a personal trainer and working out was bad? I must be in the best shape of my life.

Los Angeles Dodgers' legend Vin Scully hospitalized - ESPN Los Angeles
Vin Scully, the Dodgers' broadcasting legend and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, was hospitalized overnight Thursday but is expected to be released Friday and travel as scheduled from Los Angeles to the team's spring-training facility in Glendale, Ariz., in time for Sunday's Cactus League telecast. Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' vice president for communications, spoke with Scully late Thursday. Rawitch said in an e-mail to reporters that Scully told him he had simply gotten out of bed too quickly, resulting in his falling and bumping his head. For precautionary reasons, Scully, 82, was taken to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center.

There were a couple of good comment about this story over at the Baseball Think Factory;
"Andre Dawson has a bruised knee and is listed as day-to-day (pause). Aren't we all?" - Vin Scully
Scully knows he's not allowed to die, right?

I realize he part of the Dodger family, and some people think he's boring, but to me Vin Scully is the voice of baseball. I grew in a house of Dodger fans, which means I grew up with the voice of Scully as the soundtrack of summer describing the game I love. So yeah, Scully knows he's not allowed to die, right?