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Witty Headline Goes Here: Halolinks

Yeah, I know.  That headline's not going to generate much web traffic, but there's not much fresh Angels news, just as couple fluff pieces and space fillers. Oh, and since my question generating skills are as good as my headline writing skills are today, there's no poll.  Frickin' deal with it...

Angels OF Willits say he'll do his best wherever he's needed - Sporting News
"I want to play, but there is also a sense in me that I understand my role. I'm never going to complain about that role and I'm happy to have a job and whatever role they put me in I'm going to try my best to be good at that role."

Looks like Willits is going to "role" with it. 

Angels' Howie Kendrick looks to play strong the full season -
"This year I'm just going into it with the same mind-set . . . try to stay within myself mainly, get good pitches to hit and hopefully I'll hit .300 again this year," Kendrick said Sunday. "I just try to play the game and help us win ballgames and, as an end result, I'll be where I want to be."

Howie Kendrick, graduate of the Crash Davis School for Baseball Interviews, hopes to remain in the majors for the entire season...good Lord willing.

Halos cover their bases with talented infield -
For a total outlay of $8.05 million -- almost $1 million less than the salary Figgins will command in Seattle this season -- the Angels have all five (Morales, Kendrick, Aybar, Wood, and Izturis) under contract this season.

Interesting way to look at it.  You could even add in Mathis to that group and have the entire infield for just over the cost of Figgins.  The headline reminded me of when Dick Enberg used to broadcast for the Angels.  Whenever the Angels had the bases loaded he'd say "There's a halo over every base".

Matthews: I'm natural choice for Mets leadoff spot -
If Jerry Manuel's plan of batting Jose Reyes third in the lineup is to succeed, the Mets manager will need either Matthews or Angel Pagan to emerge as a reliable leadoff hitter.

And you thought the Angels had a problem filling the leadoff spot?  They had the solution this whole time!

Angels’ Jeff Mathis is ahead of curve behind the plate -
"You want to have 25 guys just like him. He loves the battle, he's a workhorse. You feel confident whenever he's behind the plate. Anything he says, you listen," Kazmir said, adding that all the Angels' pitchers know this about Mathis. "If he wants to call time out and go talk to you, it's for a good reason."

Kazmir added, "More importantly, he can get the really hot chicks during spring break".  The man knows curves.

Brian Stokes - Late to the mound, fast to the plate -
It wasn't until he'd completed his studies at Riverside that Stokes, attending a tryout camp in Irvine at the suggestion of a friend -- right down the road from Angel Stadium -- discovered a natural affinity for pitching. "It was a scout league that played on Sundays," Stokes said. "I pitched two Sundays and was signed by Tampa Bay. I guess they saw something they liked."

I'm stoked! (see what I did there?)