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Halos Heaven 5th Anniversary Today

No other Angels blog can claim to be older than Halos Heaven and show you a post older than the one I posted here five years ago today. We're the biggest, the best, the longest running, the most transparent and we carry the deepest archives of daily coverage of our team from the fan's perspective. We have now covered the Angels for over ten percent of their entire history. We feature the most articulate posters, the grooviest community and the best-looking Angels fans in LA, Anaheim, California, London, the MeeKong Delta and beyond.

We are independent of any official influence, be it the carrot on the stick, an invitation to sit at the kids table or cash money bribes. In our five years, we have had no hidden agenda to silence your voice on a quest to get close to management or anyone else.

And by We, I mean you. This is YOUR Angels blog. The priority remains providing you with the chance to praise, analyze and criticize the Angels (on and off the field, in and out of the office) as you see fit. And that is how it is always going to be. Other than serving our readers, we are accountable only to the laws of beauty and good taste. Thank you for enjoying the show.