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Our CBS Fantasy Draft Approaches

If you are still looking to set up your Fantasy League, remember that starting a league AT THIS LINK gets you a 50% discount of the normal $180 startup cost.

The HALOS HEAVEN Fantasy League has its draft at 6 PM on Sunday. Here is the draft order:

  1. Dumb the Frugout - managed by the Orange County Register's Sam Miller.
  2. Chicago Neighborhoods - managed by Bill "Shredder" Seitz of the LA Seitz of Chicago blog.
  3. Scottnak's ATTACK - managed by SCOTTNAK - Halos Heaven pregame picks maestro.
  4. The Imposters - managed by Jason Brennan, the AM-830 Radio Host and proprietor of Throwbacks Sports Bar.
  5. Darby from Yorba Linda - managed by CUPIE, a retired rock star who can still lay down a mean bass line.
  6. PECOTA Busters - managed by Ryan Ghan, Halos Heaven minor league guru.
  7. SABOTAGE! - managed by poster Casey KOD winner of our ultimate Angels trivia contest.
  8. Quarter-Tones - managed by Jim Scully, jazzman.
  9. Rev's Puzzled Panthers - managed by yours truly.
  10. Radio Angels - managed by AM-830 Radio Personality Jeff Biggs.
  11. THE BATGIRLS - managed by Missus Halofan, a first time fantasy baseball participant who has already memorized the Sporting News and USA Today Fantasy Preview Magazines.
  12. WARgasmic Nine - managed by WIHALOFAN, Halos Heaven co-host and mad cartoonist.
  13. Downing's Briancats - managed by Sean Smith, inventor of the CHONE projection system from the ALL THE WAY blog.
  14. mike's hard MaHalos - managed by Eyespy - the first Angels blogger from our 50th state.

What is great is that we have been able to customize the league to support a snake draft - which means that the last pick in a round gets the first pick in the next round and the order is thus reversed. We are looking forward to an exciting draft and just perusing the Draft kit online at CBS is an eye opener of great, easy to access research.