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Victor Rojas "Tremendous" says Angels Mark Gubicza

On AM-830's THE DRIVE show, Jeff Biggs caught up with Angels broadcaster Mark Gubicza late this afternoon to discuss Gooby's new Angels television broadcasting partner, Victor Rojas.

Halos Heaven is pleased to be able present to you the historic audio of Gubicza welcoming Rojas to the Angels family:

Mark Gubicza - March 3rd Interview

Gubicza also discussed the etiquette of teammates in intrasquad games, buzzing future Hall-of-Famer George Brett and paying the price. A good discussion ensues late with Biggsy stoking the team rivalry by bringing up Gooby's buddy Nolan Ryan and his recent jawboning of the superiority of his Texas Rangers team heading into the 2010 season.

Thanks as always to Jason Brennan, Jeff Biggs and Jeané Blunt at AM-830 for sending this our way.