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Panther Teeshirt = Pregame Party at Throwbacks

On our left sidebar is the Halos Heaven PANTHER teeshirt. It is available in red and black, small thru 2XL. I just got some in the mail and they are as bitchen' as any masterpiece you would encounter in the Louvre. The ordering process with our partner teeshirt site is great and it has thick paint ink printing on it.

But here is the best part about ordering our shirt. If you wear one of these shirts to Throwbacks Sports Bar & Grill before an Angels game, it functions as a coupon there for you. When you wear this shirt to Throwbacks before Angels games, you get $2 off of pitchers of beer (and they have a ridiculous number of domestic and import beers on tap) plus 20% off all food on their menu (excluding daily specials). Imagine never having to eat crappy ARAMark stadium concession food again at games because you have had your fill of good food and beer - and you are looking sexy while saving money because you are wearing the best looking teeshirt of the 21st century.

Throwbacks is just down the street from Angels Stadium and has a great sports bar feel to it that is very inviting no matter what you look like, who you root for or which website you read.

If you are taking kids to the game, it is all good... Throwbacks is all ages before 9 PM. They have a bus that can take you to and from the game so you save an additional $8 on stadium parking. At some point, it is going to be like Mr. Throwbacks is running a charity designed to keep money in the pockets of belly-filled Angels fans, but as long as he and I can concoct ways for you to get in the mood for the game while you fly your Panther Flag, hey, click that left sidebar and consider it an investment in having a great game day while saving money all season long.