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Victor Rojas Audio Interview

VICTOR ROJAS, the new Angels Play-by-Play announcer, was interviewed on Friday by Jeff Biggs on his show THE DRIVE on AM-830. Audio links: Victor Rojas Part #1 and Victor Rojas Part #2 Live Interview.

My personal impression as a lifelong Angels fan (harkening back to the Dick Enberg days), is that Victor Rojas will rise to the level of Enberg, Mario Impemba, Al Conin and the benchmark of great Angels Play by Play, the late Rory Markas.

Just listen here to Rojas and you can already hear his class, professionalism and the downright enjoyable, intelligent commentary about our favorite team in this great game. We have a major league announcer for our major league team!

Thanks as always to our friends at AM-830 Jason Brennan and Jeané Blunt for sending us these audio files.