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Torii Hunter's Injury, Hideki Matsui Postponed: Halolinks

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Torii Hunter aggravates groin injury but appears to be OK - Los Angeles Times
...on a double he lined off the left-field wall against Colorado in Tempe Diablo Stadium on Friday, Hunter slid too early into second base, his knee stuck a little in the ground, and he felt a little "pop" in the area of the operation. "It was just some scar tissue in the incision breaking up," Hunter said. "When I heard it, I was like, 'What the heck just happened? The doctors were so relaxed. I was like, 'Are you guys not worried?' It was pretty funny. They told me there will be a point where it will pop totally and you'll be scared for a minute, and then I'll be fine. So, I guess that's the process."

Here's the Register's Torii Hunter article...Hunter: "Nothing to fear" after exam - Orange County Register

Rain pushes back Matsui's debut -
Matsui's debut was canceled, and delayed. He will not join the traveling party to Monday's game in Surprise against the Rangers, and is now expected to be unveiled Tuesday when the Angels host the Padres in Tempe, Ariz. "He can get a good workout here. He can get all the preparatory work he needs in camp," said Angels manager Mike Scioscia.

Japanese fans are driven to a higher state of frenzy from the antici......pation.

Weaver not concerned with results -  ESPN Los Angeles
Jered Weaver got roughed up for two runs in 1 2/3rds innings Saturday in his spring debut against the A's, but please draw as few conclusions as possible from those results. "What were my expectations?" Weaver said with a laugh. "That I was going to get the ball over the plate."

Taking the Next Step: Peter Bourjos - FanGraphs Baseball
Today I’m just going to approach it in the most back-of-a-napkin method as possible with a prospect who I feel is a tad undersold, and that’s Peter Bourjos, a center fielder in the Angels’ system. If you listened to the corresponding podcast we did about taking the next step in prospect analysis, you know that Peter Bourjos gets me all tingly for some reason. I think it’s probably because I’m the sort of person who likes to see players who fly a bit under the radar succeed, and I like players who I suppose you can call throwback types who may not hit for power, but can run and play good defense.

I always think it's cool when someone else finds an Angels minor leaguer "tingly".  Like it was some big secret being hidden in full sight.  Oh wait, that's right it was a hidden didn't have anything to do with the Yanks or Sux.

Angels no longer in Dodgers shadow -  FOX Sports on MSN
Throughout their first 40 years of existence, the Angels lived in the shadow of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the past decade, however, the Angels have become the pride of Southern California. And it’s a Dodgers outcast, Mike Scioscia, who has led the Angels out of the darkness into the baseball spotlight.

MLB experts bat around some ideas on improving the game -
"I hope people take these ideas to heart, because they came from the heart," Los Angeles Angels All-Star center fielder Torii Hunter says. "We all love the game. We owe everything to it. Now, we want to make it better.

This article states there were 8 experts talking about how to improve the game.  Of those 8, zero were represented by the fans.  So who were they trying to improve the game for?

Sandoval's versatility shines for Angels -
Sandoval's ability to play first, second and third, combined with his switch-hitting skills and speed (30 and 21 steals in successive Minor League seasons), give him a shot at a backup role. He does have Minor League options, however, and would take it in stride if he is returned to the PCL. "He's in the mix," Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. "He has the ability to play in the Major Leagues. It's just going to come down to where our depth is toward the end of Spring Training."

Ramona Shelburne: Howie Kendrick learned plenty last season - ESPN Los Angeles
By mid-June, Kendrick was reeling. His sizzling spring had fizzled into a pool of frustration. His batting average dipped and dodged and darted around .200, his confidence cracked, his smile looked worn. Nobody talked about batting titles anymore.The Angels sent him down to Triple-A Salt Lake, where he was instructed to: breathe, relax, start over, work on his game and try and recapture what had made him so great in the first place ... in no particular order of course, and as fast as he possibly could.

Angels flexing their muscle? Knock on Wood - The Orange County Register
"That’s absolutely wrong," the Angels manager answered Sunday. Funny. Usually I have to actually write something before someone tells me I’m wrong, absolutely or otherwise. Guess it’s spring training for the writers, too. Either that or Scioscia is in midseason form, meaning his team is only three months away from losing in the playoffs again to someone from the AL East.

Jeff Miller.  The Register's answer to Rev Halofan.  But without the charm.  Or wit.  Or talent.